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Hello, I'm Andrea, a professional artist from Melbourne, Australia. Having gained my MFA from Monash University, my practice examines the ideas of the abstract and the formal through the mediums of drawing, painting, and sculptural works featuring vintage glass.  


Taking cues from recent travels through India and Vietnam, countries filled with brightness and light, both swarming with the mass of humankind, the work examines the relationship between order and disorder, the past and the present, and the nature of memory as both enduring and ephemeral.


The paintings swirl loosely like colourfields of vibrant saris. Dense layering

builds to a crescendo of movement and transformation, an abstract vision of the chaotic beauty of colour.


Standing shoulder to shoulder, still with the residue of memory and the passage of time, the sculptures manifest quietly in a formal landscape of new and unpredictable forms. Constructed from fragments of our past now radically rearranged, the work considers the idea of fragility and the passing of time. 


Both the paintings and the sculptural work consider the contingent nature of our experience and our encounter with the world.  By distilling memory into visual works, an emphatic and poetic description of transformation has emerged. 

If you are interested in art for your home, office, or maybe just because, then you are at the right place.



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